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Software Engineer
Practising Natural Farming[ZBNF]

Ops Stack

Jinna Balu
AWS Solution Architect

VPC | EC2 | ElasticIP | S3 | Encrypted Volume | Route 53 | Fargate

Jinna Balu
Docker Enthusiasts

Dockerised possible things in my area of work

Containerization and Orchestration | Docker Swarm

Jinna Balu
CICD - Jenkins | Bitbucket Pipeline | Github Actions | Gitlab | TravisCI

Replace Manual Deployments | Cron Jobs | Shared Workspace

Jinna Balu

Monitoring of Servers with Zabbix and postgreSQL

Jinna Balu

Monitoring of Servers node exporter, containers with cAdvisor, and alerts with alert manager

Jinna Balu

Actor at all levels of successful branching

Acted as
Branch Creator, Merger, Pull/Merge Requester | Reviewer, Commentator | Production Issue Reverter

Worked with Bitbucket | Gihub | Gitlabs

Jinna Balu
NGINX for me

Load balancer | Application Server | Reverse Proxy Server | Security Provider

Application Architecture (Microservices)

Jinna Balu

Experience in Working with above architecture as a Junior Platform Engineer

Fullstack Engineer Stack


HTML Bootstrap AngularJS/NGX SASS CSS Browser-Sync YARN npm thymeleaf angular Hugo Jekyll


Springboot NodeJS ASP.Net MVC swagger postman FlaskAPI

Data Store | Backup

Elasticsearch Cassandra MSSQL Server postgreSQL MySQL MariaDB RTO | RPO AWS Snapshot Life

Observability Driven Development


ELK Monitoring Elasticsearch Kibana Logstash FileBeat Heartbeat PacketBeat APM - Application Performance Monitoring Uptime with Heartbeats Logs Management MetricBeat Distributed Tracing


Jinna Balu

I Owe Yeoman

I don't know where you are, I know you are somewhere in the cloud, thanks a lot for making my job easy by scaffolding tools that you provide

Thanks for being my best friend

Jinna Balu

Patch IT - Ship IT

I have created many Monolith apps, microservices apps and containerised them with the help of Jhipster

Always helped me creating apps with Feather | MEAN-JS | Angular Cli | FountainJS | Astro

Yeoman contributor helps programers, ZERO - HERO with Rocket Speed

Make use of yeoman he will make you do your tasks 10x times productive than before, you have more time

Jinna Balu

Stackoverflows with JHipster

Jhipster help create microservices deploye them as docker containers.

Hours of stories execution turned into minutes.

Vulnerability assessment and Penetration Testing


I can help you find gaps in your information system processes and technology, data networks, data security systems, and security frameworks before someone else does without your knowledge

Docker Orchestration

Experience in dockerising - Ping me, we dockerise anything

I am proud to be a farmer

We practice Zero Budget Natural Farming

We started Natural Farming early 2013. We produce Onions, Groundnuts, Millet, Green Gram, Red Gram and 5 types of Paddy(Mysooru Malliga, Mapalle Samba, Bhahuroopi, Kullakaar, Navara)